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In this letter I want to show you how you can increase your loan volume significantly in the next 30 days if you do nothing more than follow instructions.

How To Make Your Loan Origination Soar

in 30 Days or Less!

Do you lie awake at night wondering where your next loan is going to come from?
Have you lost a loan in the last 3 months because another mortgage company lowballed your fees or rates?
Have you tried and decided you hate cold calling?
Have you been ignored and treated badly at real estate offices?
Are your friends and family tired of you asking them over and over if they need a loan?
Are you just spinning your wheels and not really getting ahead in the mortgage business?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it is time to stop getting pushed around and start doing something about it.

My name is Ameen Kamadia. I am owner of MoneyTree Mortgage, a licensed mortgage broker in Texas, author of The Millionaire Loan Officer Newsletter, mortgage industry coach, and consultant. Over 25,000 loan officer, brokers, and bankers read my free Mortgage Magic Newsletter every two weeks. Over 6,000 use my marketing systems in their businesses everyday.

To-date I am personally responsible for the marketing that has resulted in over $500 million in loan volume at the two mortgage companies I have been affiliated with.

I have become so successful that I do not have to take on any new borrowers. I only do loans for those with whom I have worked with in the past. All the referrals I get, are passed on to others in the office. I simply have no time for new business.

My passion is marketing. Doing it and teaching it. Not only am I known as "The Millionaire Loan Officer", I am known as the "Millionaire Loan Officer Maker".

I get paid thousands of dollars for what I know about the mortgage industry and I want to share some of that information with you - right here and right now.

"How do I become a successful loan officer?"

I get asked this question over and over from new and veteran loan officers. After hearing it for the ten zillionth time I decided to put the answer in a book.

This book took me over 2 years to write and is a compilation of some of the most effective marketing and business building strategies that I teach to my coaching and consulting clients.

I call it, Jump Start Your Mortgage Career: A Proven Plan For Loan Officers and Mortgage Brokers Who Want To Skyrocket Their Income In 30 Days.

And I will give you a free sample. Just keep reading.



"Never Seen Such A Professional Approach"

"I just received your book earlier this week and I am about halfway through. The book has been a huge help, particularly by addressing key issues such as your own attitude and how one should approach his or her business. After spending an hour Monday evening mapping out all of my goals, commitments to myself, and different avenues to approach my target niche, I am beginning to see the rewards of my efforts. I sat down with one of my title attorney's for lunch this afternoon and we began developing a program to implement with our target niche. The attorney commended me saying, "I have never seen such a professional, comprehensive approach towards dealing with this target market", and "I'd be happy to be onboard".

Dan Leavitt, Mortgage Capital

"5 Years In The Business But Still Shocked With What I Learned"

"Hi Ameen, I'm sending you this message to let you know that I'm shocked with what I have learned in your book Jump Start Your Mortgage Career. I have 5 years in this business and I wish I could have this information when I began. To be sincere, I was skeptical when I bought it. There's so many scams out there! But now I'm glad I did it. Your book has been my partner everyday day and night along with my Bible. I haven't finished but at this time your book has already changed my mind on this business. Thanks a lot and God bless you! "

Alfonso Inclan, Arizona Loan Center, Inc., Phoenix, AZ

"Worth 20 Times The Price"

"The book is well-designed for a fast, easy read and worth 20 times the cover price. Your in-depth, step-by-step explanations are very clear, concise and simple enough to understand even for someone brand new to the mortgage industry (which is the case for many LO's in my region).

I never cared for real estate agents either but, you made the approach to pursue them so enticing that I have changed my tactics in mid-stream and recently signed-up 5 "eager-to-refer" realtors already! The least expensive way to market for certain!

Keep up the great work in shedding light on the straight path to success in an otherwise murky industry! (photo attached). Feel free to share my feedback with your other subscribers/potential customers."

Mark Joseph Urso
Branch Manager
Capital Financial Mortgage Corp

"The Bible Of Mortgage Brokers"

"First off I want to say thank you for the information that is in the "Jump Start Your Mortgage Career" book. I have been in the Mortgage Lending business for over 8 years but I have been on the lenders side of the business and the brokers side is new.not to blow my own horn, but I was the top producer for my previous company for 5 years straight, averaging 10 loans a month, making over 10K a month and that was just from my previous customer referrals and company leads.

Being scared at first, I was skeptical about any offers on the web so I signed up for your free email and after a few of those I decided to buy the book. I think that this book can be called the "Bible of Mortgage Brokers". There is nothing missing from this book to help you set up your business, build your business, and make YOU stand out from others. I read this book every night, even if I read a chapter or a section, I read it again. I am on the "30 Day Success" program located at the end of the book and it is helping me daily to grow and grow in the right way."

- Andre Gonzaque Brokers Home, Baton Rouge, LA


Be Like Gump.

When I wrote this book I wanted it to be drop dead simple to implement and succeed with. And I think I have done just that.

All you need to do is Be Like Gump. Forest Gump. When they told him to run, he ran. And when they told him to stop, he stopped.

That same attitude is all you need to succeed with my teachings. All you have to do is implement. No changing, no improving, no nothing. Just follow the plan.

Day 1: Do this and this.

Day 2: Do this and this.

That's it. Follow the directions, do what it says, and there is no way you will not have more loans in your pipeline than you do right now. I guarantee it!

Let's face facts.

You want more loans. You are a hardworking, honest, mortgage professional who sincerely wants to help people.

But today there are more loan officers and mortgage brokers than ever before. And borrowers are getting harder to find. The mortgage business is not easy. That's why we get paid the big bucks. But there is something we can do to increase our success rate.

The answer to this problem is to master the secrets of mortgage marketing so that borrowers see you as their best and only option for their mortgage. That is the only way to get ahead or even survive.

Make Your Dreams Come True

"If you have ever dreamt of having borrowers fall into your lap, this book can make that dream come true."

- Mike Larson, MoneyTree Mortgage

"I Went From The Bottom To The Top Of My Office In Sales"

"Things are going great for me ever since I started your course. I went from being at the bottom part of echelon of my company to being tied for the first place in sales for the month of October. Can you believe that? I only have 1 1/2 years of mortgage experience, and I am competing with people that have 20 years of mortgage experience. Your course is giving me an edge. The next month I will be the number one loan officer in here. Bank VI currently has 45 loan officers, so I think its important to let you know that my competition is very good, but your course is giving me new ideas and sales methods that achieve results."

- Berin Lacevic

"Chock Full Of Great Advice"

"Ameen, I finished your book, "Jump Start Your Mortgage Career" What a great book. It is chock full of great advice. I don't care if you are a newbie or a seasoned veteran. We are getting ready to implement some of your ideas"
- Don Grantham Benchmark Mortgage of Highland Hills

Proven Methods

"I am a new loan officer in the field of 3 months. I am also a mother of 2, single and no support, I had to make it happen. I had no base to start with, no referrals, and not sure where to start. I was then given an opportunity to read this book and my job has turned around amazingly quick after putting these methods into action.

My favorite and most answered was the "Charitable Donation." As a new person, it doesn't pay to be greedy. Why not give to a good cause, feel good about helping others, and still close a loan which helps you. A true WIN WIN situation. I am tremendously blessed that I was given a chance to read this book. Anyone new or seasoned in the business should read this. It is sound advice that works! You just have to be willing to do it!

Where else will you find methods laid out for you that are PROVEN to work? I will be a loyal reader of any and all books that Ameen writes."

- Julie Johnson Columbus, Ohio

"No Doubt About Doubling My Income"

"From the moment I started reading Jump Start Your Mortgage Career book I knew my life was going to improve. It's all laid out for you in black and white, it's simply a matter of implementation. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be able to double my income next year based in large to your book. Thank you."

- Chad Wood, S & P Financial Inc. Eagan, MN

Used To Set Up A New Company

"It's been a while since I received your book and I read it cover to cover. It's a well written book that almost anyone can understand. With good writing style and easy to understand concepts, the book does not need a rocket scientist. It had a lot of great ideas which I could use right away. You see I am a broker and I was setting up my own office when I got your book. I found a lot of ideas that I could apply to my loan officers, processors, etc. A great book indeed."

Moe Lakhany


Did you get into this business to make "average" money?

Of course not.

In my book you will:

Learn how to turn a prospect's psychological tendencies to your advantage.

Find out how lead generation can be tailored to your unique situation, personal preferences, and business goals.

See how a brand new loan officer can build up a stream of referrals in a couple of weeks.

How to make yourself stand out from your competition.

Discover 32 niche markets that desperately need your help.

Understand why you DO NOT have to lower your rates to be successful.

Learn the skills needed to generate loans at will.

Learn the one sentence that can get you more business than anything else you can do.

Understand the secret of avoiding the peaks and valleys in income.

How to generate enough referral business so you never have to prospect again.

What Realtors really want fro their lender and how to give it to them.

How to identify and target prospects in your backyard that would love to do business with you if you only asked.

How to set up your business so it runs on autopilot, growing even while you are on vacation.

Here is the table of contents so you know exactly what is in the book.


Section 1: Start With the Big Picture
Chapter 1:
How To Get Whatever You Want
Chapter 2:
Create and Dominate the Market
Chapter 3:
The Mortgage Guy With The Purple Hair
Chapter 4:
The Secret To Everlasting Success In The Mortgage Business
Chapter 5:
Make The Most Of The Most Valuable Asset You Have
Chapter 6:
The Business Plan
Chapter 7:
Why Are We Doing This?
Chapter 8:
Working On The Business

Section 2: Know Your Numbers
Chapter 9:
What To Track
Chapter 10:
Conversion Rates

Section 3: Who Wants A Loan?
Chapter 11:
How Many Leads Do You Need?
Chapter 12:
Cheap Marketing Methods
Chapter 13:
Mortgage Websites
Chapter 14:
How To Have Real Estate Agents Eating Out Of Your Hands
Chapter 15:
"You've Got To See My Mortgage Guy. He's The Best Around"

Section 4: Make 'Em Say Yes
Chapter 16:
How To Get Anyone To Do Whatever You Want
Chapter 17:
Winning Negotiations

Section 5: 30 Days To Success
Chapter 18:
The 30 Days To Success Plan


Don't take my word it.

I have arranged with the publisher to be able to give you free of charge one whole chapter from the book. The chapter is called How To Get Anyone To Do Whatever You Want. In this chapter I go over the most powerful psychological forces available to marketers today and how we can use them in the mortgage business with specific examples. To get your free copy just fill out the form below.

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"Inside Information"

"Thank you for the great inside information I needed in order for me to start my new career. I felt like I wasn't getting enough information and the training that I needed in order for me to start this new career, but I am very happy that I found your book. I feel much more confident and I now have the right direction to go. I do plan on getting the realtor toolkit soon. I'll keep you posted on how things turnout. Thank you."

- Joon H. Chung Virginia Community Lending, Fairfax, VA

"Every Page A Gem"

"Every page a gem. Home runs. Congrats. Wish I had this earlier on. I agree with everything you say in it--and I know because I have seen it first hand You've written down all the little things--so needed, no wonder it took you 2 years!"

Kim Melbourne Salt Lake City, UT

"The Blueprint For My Career"

"I wanted to take the time to e-mail you and thank you for the great info packed book I pruchased on jump starting your mortgage career! I am not done reading it but keep finding great stuff between the pages! I will most likely refer to it over and over again... it is becoming my blueprint for my career. Also, I purchased your millionaire newsletter and find it to be mind opening as well! I wish I would have spent the money long ago. I am a serious student of anyone that can show me what you are ... I will learn a great deal from you indeed.... Thanks ever so much!"

Bill Wyant - Kittanning, PA

Do Not Worry About Price.

I know there are some very high priced mortgage marketing products out there. But this book is not one of them. My goal is to get this book into the hands of every loan officer in the country. Because I am tired of seeing loan officers full of promise and ability not be able to survive in this business. It is a shame that I blame on lack of proper marketing education.

All you need to get started is the decision that you'll commit yourself to following each of the 30 days I've outlined in this book. Your entire investment is just $24.99. I think you'll agree this is a tremendous bargain compared to anything else out there. In fact, I was originally planning on selling this information for $199.00 but I wanted to make sure everyone could afford it and price would not be an excuse not to get it.

So click here now to grab it for just $24.99 or click here to see how you can get it for free.

On top of that I have decided to back up my words with my wallet. If you are not convinced this book is the best one available on mortgage marketing in the whole world, I will buy it back from you. I don't want you to have it if you cannot appreciate it. And will give you a full 30 days to decide.

Here's my unconditional, money back guarantee:

100% Money Back Guarantee

I'm so sure you'll love it that I'll get you my 100% unconditional, 30-day guarantee!

I mean, if you're not absolutely amazed by Jump Start Your Mortgage Career, and the way it will literally transform your mortgage income, then simply return it for a full refund.

No questions asked, no complaining, no whining!


To sweeten the pot I am going to throw in a few bonuses that will make the deal even more irresistible.

Free Bonus #1

Marketing Answers to Today's Problems.

I recently asked the 26,000+ readers of my Mortgage Magic Marketing Newsletter what were their biggest problems and questions regarding mortgage marketing. I put all their questions and my answers into a massive report.

I received over 50 pages of questions! Many were repeated but in the end, I ended up with a 44 page report of questions and answers!

No matter what questions have been bothering you, from how to generate leads, to getting your direct mail opened, to attracting Realtors, you can bet someone asked it. And if they did, I answered.

We do not sell this report even though it contains answers to just about every marketing question you have ever thought of. The only way to get it is to order.

Free Bonus #2

136 Ways To Generate A Loan Today.

What if you could ask dozens of successful loan officers, "What would you do today to generate business?" Well you don't have to because I already did it. And I compiled all their answers in this fabulous report.

There are literally thousands of methods of lead generation. Loan officers do not succeed because of lack of leads. They fail because of lack of action and education.

This report leaves you no excuse for "having nothing to do" or "not knowing how to generate leads". Just do one of these a day, and your business will never be the same again.

This is a complied list of all the best ways you can start generating loans today. With this list you will never be at a loss of what you do to generate leads.

Free Bonus #3

Instant Mortgage Letters Software.

Included with this package is Instant Mortgage Letters 1.0. This software allows you to generate 28 different Mortgage Letters by simply adding your name, contact information and prospective client info into ready-made mortgage letters. A break down of the different mortgage letters is given below:

  • 5 "Get The Appointment" Letters -- designed to turn a lead into a client and set an appointment with the client to apply for the loan.

  • 5 "Loan App Sent" Letters -- designed to follow-up with a client after you have mailed their application package and now are waiting for them to send it back to you.

  • 4 "FSBO Sales" Letters -- designed to explain how the FSBO can lose thousands of dollars if they don't use a mortgage officer; plus provide some tips to help the FSBO sell their house.

  • 5 "Phone Sales" Letters -- designed to turn a lead into a client by keeping with them until they apply for the loan.

  • 9 "Closed Loans" Letters -- designed to help turn a client into a constant source of referrals by keeping in touch with them after you have closed the loan.


Free Bonus #4

The Power of Referrals Audio Files

This is a recording I created that is part of my best selling Referrals On Demand product that has taught over 4,786 loan officers how to create a business that runs only on referrals. No other marketing needed. These audios in MP3 format take you for a behind the scenes look at what your business can be like and how to start generating referrals today.


Free Bonus #5

The World of the Millionaire Loan Officer

Are the most successful loan officers different from everyone else? No. But they know the secrets to success that the others lack. In this report, I show you how to go from ordinary to extrordinary in terms of production, success, and quality of life.

The World of the Millionaire Loan Officer will show you how to get yourself in position to take advantage of all the opportunity around you.


"$30,000 Increase This Year"

Theresa Dubois of Phoenix Arizona tells us:

"It (the book) is a great tool even for someone that has been in the business for 6 years. I am sure it will raise my income at least by 30k this year.



Order Securely Anytime Day Or Night

Now, the only way you can lose is by missing out on this deal.

My consulting clients think I'm certifiably nuts to offer such a great deal and incredible guarantee. I can't promise I won't be raising the price soon.

Really, there's really nothing left to say. I've done just about everything possible I can think of to make this brain dead simple. Get started with Jump Start Your Mortgage Career right away. In fact, if there's something I haven't done (short of giving it away) that you think I should have - let me know.

Otherwise, it'll be a huge mystery if you chose not to get in on this deal.

Think about it, you could keep stumbling and fumbling around trying to make things work for you or you could get a proven coach for less than 99cents per day.

So what are you waiting for to make all your dreams come true?

Make this your best year ever!

Start off on the right foot and Jump Start Your Mortgage Career today!

May All The Loans Be Yours,
Ameen Kamadia
Ameen Kamadia

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